More Than 100 Organizations, 10,000 of people Have Been "WOW-ed!"              

Do Be Positively Assured of a Great Learning Experience for YOUR PEOPLE 

Value-based Motivation & Team Synergy in Creating A Win-Win Work Culture        


If you want to Magically Inspire Your People to work passionately and productively;

If you want to Positively Motivate Your People to move out of  complacency mindsets;

 If you want to Enthusiastically Energize Your People to work without counting the hours; 

If you want your people to Maturely and Transparently Communicate with one another; 

If you want your people to be Intellectually and Emotionally Involved in discharging their duties;

 If you want your people to Totally Take Pride in what they are doing and in the company they work for,

then this training workshop is What You Are Looking For!

 This proven Value-Based Motivation training workshop is designed to help your organization

to Unfailingly Motivate and Inspire Your Employees to work as a cohesive team in order to create

a Win-Win Work Culture for the betterment of all.



    At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Distinctly see Life and Work Rightly so as to align Doing Correctly

  • Magically draw out their hidden Talents and Potential for greater contribution

  • Promote Team Spirits, inculcate Respect and build a High Morale workplace

  • Work Synergistically with one another to bring forth greater productivity


  • How to see things rightly so as to up existing mindsets to up organizational productivity

  • How to enthusiastically energize, intrinsically motivated and be passionate about work

  • How to comfortably embrace and lead the fast changing business environment

  • How to emotionally intellectualize and intellectually emotionalize yourself for greater effectiveness

  • How to psychologically read, understand and magically influence people through high-touch communication skills in promoting a synergistic work team

  • How to positively create "WOW-ing" experiences when interacting with people

  • How to inequitably differentiate and profitably position beyond bloodshed competition in the business world


  • Unconventional Life Transforming Consultative High-touch Facilitation

  • Challenging, Fun, Interesting, Impacting, Lively and Lasting

  • A Simple yet Profound Balanced Approach into Life and Work

  • Embody both Intellectual Understanding and Emotional Acumen

  • Games, Activities, Exercises, Music, Songs and Video Clips are used in Enhancing Learning Experiences


  • Managers, Executives, Supervisors and all level of the employees in an organization


Stanley is a Motivator, Coach, Trainer, Master Communicator, Pragmatic Philosopher and Practical Psychologist by experience. He Specializes in Value-based Leadership, Team Synergy, Sales and Communication Training.

Stanley's greatest strength as a trainer is in his Ability to Relate and Mesmerize his audience with his well-researched knowledge, communication and training skills. The seed of becoming a trainer was in the mind of Stanley since 1981.

A much-sought after trainer, Stanley is also the Author of the book  Be Happy Be Wealthy and a CD production - Awakening the Giant Within. He has been conducting training, both locally and abroad, both English and Mandarin since 1986.

Stanley holds a MBA Degree from the University of Action Learning (Colorado, USA), a Fellow member of the International Management Centers Association, Buckingham, UK (FIMCA), a member of Registered Financial Planner (RFP) and an Advanced Toastmaster.

Stanley started his career in the accounting field and later ventured into the Sales Profession in 1982.He worked himself from office-to-office canvassing to the managerial level of an international conglomerate. He has a Vast Experience in selling and sales management.

Stanley has Successfully Conducted training for more than 100 organizations in various industries such as, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Multi-level Marketing, Property and Development, Information Technology, Non-Profit Organizations, Construction, Medical/ Pharmaceutical, Plantation, Manufacturing, Retail, Professional Services, Travel Agencies, Hospitality/Services, Automotive, Government and Telecommunication.

What participants say about Stanley:

" Powerful, Effective course leader !"

" Make Learning so Fun and Highly Educational!"

"Mesmerizing, Interesting, Friendly, Respectful person........ "

"Hightly Energetic, up to, if not better than lots of International Trainers! "

"Definitely Value-for-money, Long-Lasting Impact!"




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